Laura Lawrence:

"I honestly don't remember ever not playing piano and singing."

In high school, Laura played in band, jazz band, and orchestra, sang in the choir, and worked in a music store. She majored in music at the University of North Texas (NTSU), served for 10 years in the US Air Force, sang with the San Antonio Symphony Mastersingers for six years, and currently works in higher education.

Laura is the newest member of BitterSweet and is ready to rock this great city and fun doing it.


Shawn Blanchard plays drums, sings backing vocals, and is the bands leader.  If you need to book a show, just give him a call.  Shawn draws the crowd into the shows with his off-the-cuff comments.  Pay attention... he just might be talking to you!  Shawn is a talented drummer with a style all his own.  Did someone say WIPEOUT???
Shawn is also one of the original members of The Other Guys.  Shawn, along with Bobby and Bryan decided they weren't quite done, and that's how BitterSweet began.  Shawn grew up in East Troy, Wisconsin.  In high school he was the drummer for the band Incoming.  After a short hitch with the Army, he relocated to San Antonio with his wife Kimberly and their two children.  Shawn is a UPS driver for his day job, but his true passion is music.  If it has a good beat, he'll play it.  Let's rock The Alamo City!!!


Hey, I thought BitterSweet was a four piece band?????  NOT ANYMORE.... Mike is our secret weapon to BitterSweet. He's "MAGIC".  He plays awesome rhythm guitar through a Marshall stack ((need i say more)) and sings background vocals.  BitterSweet was lookin for a little "edge" to the band, and as soon as we heard Mike, we knew he had to be a part of this great ride.
Mike is from a military family. They  moved around a bit, but he has spent most of his life here in San Antonio. Graduated from Marshall HS. He has been playing guitar since about the 4th grade. He has been in a few bands growing up, but lately has only been a solo garage weekend warrior. Banker by trade and he loves to rock at night. He is very excited to start jamming again with good friends, and looking forward to making new friends.


I am one of the lucky ones. I play guitar in a classic rock band.  It just doesn't get any better.

I am one of the lucky ones. I play guitar in a classic rock band. It just doesn't get any better.